Behavioral Based Interviewing

Recorded Webinar | Marcia Zidle | From: Aug 31, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023

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Does your candidate interviewing system consist of proven practices or just a hodgepodge of activities that get into gear when someone says, “I need more people” or “Sally has left, and we need someone to take her place NOW?”

The effectiveness of your hiring practices impacts the effectiveness of the organization.  A new hire that does not fit the position will be difficult to develop, will perform poorly, and more likely leave resulting in the need to repeat the process. Only when interviewing is approached as a specific methodology with definable steps and measurable results can it be managed to ensure the hiring of quality people? 

Smart hiring is more than posting requisitions, screening, talking with the candidates, checking references, making an offer, etc. It is a series of specific interviewing practices and techniques that can bring in top talent rather than lead to poor hires.

    Learning Objectives:-

    • Develop a position profile – A multi-functional job description tool -so you recruit and hire the right people from the start. 
    • Create behavioral interview questions that go beyond the resume to assess a candidate’s capabilities and experience. 
    • Produce an interview guide with key questions and tips to ensure hiring the right person for the position.  
    • Ask the right questions to get applicants to speak openly while avoiding inappropriate and illegal questions.
    • Avoid the 5 top interviewing mistakes that hiring managers and recruiters make – even experienced ones. 
    • Develop selection criteria and a rating system to ensure you will not hire round pegs to fit into square holes.
    • Learn to avoid early judgments. First impressions can make an impression, but it can be the wrong impression.

    Areas Covered:-

    • Fine-tune your shopping list: Do you know what you need? 
    • Focus on the nuts and bolts of behavioral interviewing. 
    • Develop specific and follow-up questions to assess the candidate’s competencies. 
    • Use a behavior-based rating scale to evaluate candidates. 
    • Confidently make a best-fit hiring decision. 
    • The focus of this webinar is to help organizations maximize their hiring efforts as well as help managers and recruiters enhance their interviewing effectiveness. 

    Why Should You Attend:-

    Have you ever hired someone who did not live up to expectations? Are your managers selecting too many round pegs to fit into square holes? If you hire people for positions who are not good fits, they will struggle to reach optimum performance, be fully engaged, and are more likely to leave. They will also eat up your time and energy and weaken an entire team. 

    The key to success is not hiring candidates based on their resume of past success but rather being able to hire someone who will perform well in the required job as well for future assignments.  

    The interview process should determine if there is a match between the individual and the position. Furthermore, a good process allows you to understand the applicant's behavior, values, motivations, and qualifications. Behavior-based interviewing is a tool you can learn and use effectively to select the best-fit person for the position.

    In this webinar you will learn the essentials of behavioral interviewing: hiring the right people, at the right time, with the right skills, for the right position.