Employee Termination Done Properly

Recorded Webinar | Amanda Blair | From: Oct 16, 2023 - To: Jan 01, 1970

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Employee terminations are never easy, but when done incorrectly they can become your worst nightmare. Read the scenario outlined in the next paragraph and think through what course of action you would take.

An employee, who is a minority, female, age 40+, and disabled, has been exhibiting poor performance for many years. Her performance evaluations describe her as an “excellent” employee. There is a star candidate to take her place and this candidate is considering an offer from another company.

How would you react? Many employers and Human Resources professionals would be paralyzed by such a scenario because of the very real risk that they'll get sued. What is the solution?

This course will teach you how to avoid getting into this exact type of scenario. If this scenario does arise, however, you will also receive tools and learn various options to address the poorly performing employee and to lawfully terminate if appropriate.


  • Gain a full understanding of the laws affecting terminations
  • Rights of Whistleblowers
  • Regulations prohibiting discrimination and retaliation
  • Laws that can circumvent at-will employment
  • Review the benefits of a sound performance management system
  • Proactively provide notice of performance deficiencies
  • You will learn how to reverse past inaccurate reviews
  • Determine when you should skip performance management and move directly to termination
  • Learn how to lawfully reach the termination decision and how to properly document that decision
  • A Step-by-step guide to carrying out the termination
  • Conducting the termination meeting
  • Preparing for and effectively dealing with a volatile employee
  • Determine when severance is appropriate
  • Determine when to offer a resignation option
  • Get a detailed post-termination checklist
  • How to communicate the termination to co-workers without invading the employee’s privacy
  • What is the appropriate response to prospective employer inquiries to avoid triggering claims for defamation?