Legalized Marijuana & the Impact on the Workplace. How to Mitigate Federal, State & Local Marijuana Regulations

Recorded Webinar | Margie Faulk | From: Sep 07, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023

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New Bill to Remove Marijuana as a Section 1 Narcotic Which Can Allow Federal Candidates to be Hired! How Can This Impact The Workplace?

A Bipartisan bill introduced on July 31, 2023, in the U.S. House of Representatives would allow people who are previous or current marijuana users to receive federal security clearances and access to federal employment.

Titled the Cannabis Users Restoration of Eligibility Act, or CURE Act, the bill would allow people who have been previously denied security clearances or federal job opportunities based on marijuana use to appeal rejections of employment. The bill would eliminate the draconian, failed, and obsolete marijuana policies that prevent talented individuals from becoming honorable public servants in their own government.

The Marijuana legalization regulations have impacted Employers whether they are in a state where Marijuana has legalized medicinal and recreational usage. In addition to federal restrictions and state restrictions, many Employers do not know what leverage or power they have to manage the balance between legal Marijuana usage and managing a true drug-free workplace program, consider reasonable accommodations, and mitigate other federal regulations. This challenge impacts not only OSHA guidelines but also impacts the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and HIPPA Guidelines. Employers need guidance they can follow. This training provides that guidance and will help Employers reduce their risk!

States have continued to join the Legalized Marijuana bandwagon but there are still different state regulations that are different from each other.

Learning Objectives:-

  • Learn what the CURES Act is and how it impacts Marijuana use in the workplace.
  • Learn how the CURES Act helps federal employees when it comes to Security Clearances.
  • Learn what federal employees who were denied employment due to testing positive for Marijuana can do to overturn the decision.
  • Learn what the challenges with managing Marijuana testing results are and how some states have removed this testing as part of their hiring process.
  • How Can Employers mitigate Legalized Marijuana with their Drug-Free Workplace Program?
  • How do ADA, FMLA, and Legalized Marijuana overlap?
  • Learn how reasonable accommodations impact Marijuana use in the workplace.
  • What States and Local jurisdictions have Legalized Marijuana?
  • Does your Company have a true Drug Free Workplace Program?
  • Does your Company have a Drug and Alcohol Policy?
  • What are the Federal regulations on the use of Marijuana in the workplace?
  • What states are restricting pre-employment drug testing for Marijuana?

Why Should You Attend:-

Although there are more aggressive efforts by federal, state, and local jurisdictions about minimizing marijuana restrictions in the workplace, there are still challenges regarding how it impacts a Drug-Free Workplace environment. Even the highest level of the federal government is trying to balance Employer’s decisions for hiring to include other factors to hire the best candidates. This change may help ensure the hiring of talented candidates. If the CURES Act is passed, candidates that had been denied employment due to past and current marijuana use to appeal that decision.

This training will review all aspects of Marijuana in the workplace issue and will provide best practices to mitigate all the challenges.

Now more than ever, employers in all jurisdictions should consider reviewing their existing drug testing or substance abuse policies and determine how best to address any employee positive test result for marijuana, especially in states with medical marijuana laws. Setting aside marijuana laws, employers also must be mindful of state and local drug testing statutes, some of which have specific policy requirements and require state approval of the employer’s drug testing policy before conducting any tests.

Who Will Benefit:-

  • Human Resources professionals
  • Employers
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Executives
  • Compliance professionals
  • Any Employer Representative handling drug testing and on-boarding of new hires
  • Business owners
  • Professionals who handle employee relations issues