Managing The Accounts Payable Function

Recorded Webinar | Mary Schaeffer | From: Aug 22, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023

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You'd never know it from the lack of attention many companies give their accounts payable process, but the accounts payable function is a critical component of any organization's operations. Handled poorly, as it sometimes is, it can hurt the bottom line, alienate critical vendors and open the organization to fraud, IRS fines and penalties, extended state and federal audits, and negative attention from the press.

However, those organizations that run a best practice accounts payable operation do not encounter these problems, unless the problems originate elsewhere. That's why running an AP operation is sometimes a no-win operation. Sometimes it seems like the only attention given to the operation is when something goes wrong. This session is designed to help you ensure your organization does not run into the issues discussed above.

Why You Should Attend:-

  • Manage the accounts payable process effectively
  • Reengineer individual tasks that are not best-practice
  • Supervise staff for maximum efficiency
  • Take the appropriate steps to manage management expectations
  • Create positive vendor relations
  • Build realistic expectations with AP's Internal Customers
  • Prepare for The AP Department of Tomorrow