Managing Toxic Employees - Strategies For Leaders To Effectively Deal With Employee Attitude Issues

Recorded Webinar | Beverly Beuermann-King | From: Oct 03, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023

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Working with other people is never easy, but some employees make it particularly difficult. When an employee's negative attitude is not addressed properly, other team members become resentful, lose respect for their leadership, and they may develop their own negative attitudes. No one wants a difficult or toxic employee on their team, however, it's something everyone needs to be prepared to address should it arise. Challenging employees can try our patience and drain a lot of time and energy. Turning things around takes skilful management and patience.

 Learning Objectives:-

  • Recognize the signs of typical toxic behaviours and discover how to move those conversations forward
  • Identify and control the impact of toxic behaviours so that you can keep the situation from escalating further.
  • Learn how to gain control and handle these situations by identifying the payoff.
  • Know how to act, not react, in resolving toxic situations so that you can lead with more confidence, feel less stress, and gain more success in working and interacting with your team.  

Areas Covered:-

  • Toxic cultures decrease the ability to problem-solve, effectively communicate, and collaborate, and increase the risk of mental health issues, absenteeism, and further difficult behaviours such as back-stabbing, finger-pointing, and gossiping.
  • An organization can be considered toxic if it is ineffective as well as destructive to its employees.  
  • Negative attitudes and difficult behaviours are contagious and can create a toxic workplace culture. Toxic workplaces breed toxic employees and toxic employees breed a toxic workplace.
  • Leaders who can appropriately manage any toxic and difficult behaviours will create an environment where they can effectively collaborate and thrive during challenges, and those organizations that simply try to ignore toxic behaviours will struggle to be productive, service their customers, and be competitive.

Why Should You Attend:-

How you and your team effectively deal with negative and difficult team members can mean the difference between having a toxic, drama-filled workplace, and an engaged, collaborative, and productive organization.

Under stress and surrounded by uncertainty, some members of our team become negative and resistant, and are simply more difficult to deal with. Reducing the drama within the team depends on being able to understand and respond appropriately to their behaviours.

Learn successful strategies and tips for building a positive, productive workplace by knowing WHAT to focus on to move these interactions forward, HOW to effectively respond, and WAYS to manage the impact of their behaviour. Identify challenges associated with managing difficult employees, control your own feelings effectively, and create a positive work environment so that you can End frustration, and Act rather than react, to ensure a respectful, effective, and collaborative team.

Who Should Attend:-

  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Presidents
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Owners
  • Anyone with managerial or leadership responsibility.