Navigating IEPs and 504s: A Legal Compliance Guide

Recorded Webinar | Hope N. Kirsch | From: Aug 23, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023

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This course, presented by a nationally recognized education attorney representing students and their families, will provide a comprehensive overview of, and the differences between, IEPs and 504 Plans, the laws behind each, and how students qualify for one or the other.

Learning Objectives:-

Understand the different legal obligations schools have for students with IEPs vs. students with 504 Plans, the different legal mandates for each, and the different disputes that can arise under each, as well as avenues of dispute resolution.

Areas Covered:-

  • Background of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act for an IEP and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act for a 504 Plan
  • Differences between an IEP and 504 Plan
  • Considerations schools make when determining which is appropriate for a student
  • Differences in dispute resolution for non-compliance with IEPs vs. 504s, and for violations of the different laws
  • Resolving disagreements when schools and parents do not agree on one versus the other.


Understanding the differences between Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 Accommodation Plans (504s) is confusing for school personnel, attorneys, and parents. This webinar will walk you through the differences, including the different legal requirements for each, and how to determine which is appropriate for a student. You will learn how a student qualifies for one or the other, the different legal compliance issues for each, and how to handle disagreements between parents and schools when deciding on one or the other.

Why Should You Attend:-

There are key and subtle differences between IEPs and 504 Plans, and schools and parents do not always agree on which one is appropriate for the child. This webinar will help school personnel, attorneys, advocate and parents understand the differences, reasons that schools may prefer a 504 over an IEP, and how to resolve disputes when schools and parents do not agree on which one a child should have.

Who Will Benefit:-

  • School Administrators
  • Governing Board Members
  • School Counselors & Psychologists
  • Teachers
  • School attorneys
  • Parent Attorneys
  • Education Advocates & Consultants
  • Community-based disability and educational organizations
  • Parents