Travel Pay Explained

Recorded Webinar | Wendy Sellers | From: Sep 06, 2023 - To: Dec 31, 2023

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This webinar offers a dive into the intricate legal web and pragmatic guidance, all from the perspective of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Together, we'll unravel the nuanced issues of employee travel, regardless of whether it's by road or sky.

It's high time we pulled back the curtain on this overlooked yet significant aspect of employment.

Our Agenda packs a punch of information and analysis:

  • "The Daily Odyssey": Explore Home-to-Work Commute Issues
  • "The Long Haul": Examine the Dynamics of Overnight Travel
  • "On the Road with Company Wheels": Delve into the Use of Employer Vehicles
  • "Clocking Miles": Understand Compensation Issues Related to Travel Time
  • "Borrowed Time": Dive into Other Working Time Issues (time permitting)
  • "Power Hours": Learn about Meetings and Training Time
  • "Always Ready": Discuss On-Call Time
  • "Digital Chains": Confront E-mail/Blackberry Cases

Did you know that your time clock doesn't always stop ticking when you leave the office? Indeed, there are scenarios where the journey itself is part of the job. Get ready to rethink your understanding of working hours. Travel time is one of those “soft” hidden activities employers may not think of as being compensable. The truth, however, is that there are circumstances where travel time is compensable. The key issue in many instances is whether an employee is engaged in travel as part of the employee’s principal activity and/or for the benefit and convenience of the employer.